Keegan joined Harrison Group after graduating from Coe College in 2020. As a member of the manufacturing team, Keegan has been able to dive into the industry, quickly developing an understanding of its ins-and-outs and building relationships with his clients.

Under the mentorship of some of HGI’s more tenured Account Executives, Keegan has swiftly honed his skill of digging into the details of how best to meet the needs of the candidates he is working with, and then matching that to the goals of his clients to create a partnership that benefits all parties.

Partnering with manufacturing organizations in attracting, recruiting, hiring and on-boarding top executive, management and technical talent including:

  •   C-Suite Executives
  •   Directors
  •   Plant Leadership, Engineers
  •   Sales Personnel
  •   Maintenance Professionals
  •   Human Resources leadership
  •   Office Staff

Technical areas I specialize in:

  •   Engineers: Manufacturing, Industrial, Chemical. Process, Electrical, Mechanical, Project
  •   Technicians: Maintenance, Controls/Reliability, Engineering, Quality