Jake Gritzner joined the Harrison Group team in 2021 as a member of our Manufacturing team, focusing his efforts on partnering with organizations throughout the Midwest to help fill crucial roles and build their manufacturing teams. Jake is not only an Iowa native; his family also runs a manufacturing and machining business of their own giving him a unique understanding of the industry and making him a natural fit for our manufacturing team.

Jake enjoys the opportunity to help others, whether it’s through volunteering or recruiting, having a chance to make an impact on the lives of those he interacts with is especially important to him. It’s for that very reason that he was drawn to recruiting and a key aspect that has led to his early success.

Partnering with manufacturing organizations in attracting, recruiting, hiring and on-boarding top executive, management and technical talent including:

  •   C-Suite Executives
  •   Directors
  •   Plant Leadership, Engineers
  •   Sales Personnel
  •   Maintenance Professionals
  •   Human Resources leadership
  •   Office Staff

Technical areas I specialize in:

  •   Engineers: Manufacturing, Industrial, Chemical. Process, Electrical, Mechanical, Project
  •   Technicians: Maintenance, Controls/Reliability, Engineering, Quality