Account Executive

Financial Services

Cait Klenk began her career at Harrison Group in 2019 as a member of the financial services team. Under the mentorship of the financial services team, Cait has quickly become a market expert in the underwriting space, forging new relationships with many of the industry’s top talent.

Cait enjoys the opportunity to facilitate a positive impact on the lives of the people she works with both personally and professionally. Like many on the team, Cait is passionate about helping others and takes satisfaction in knowing that what she does every day can change someone’s life for the better, helping them reach new goals in their careers.

Partnering with financial services organizations in attracting, recruiting, hiring and on-boarding top Life and Annuity talent including:

  •   VP Underwriting
  •   Director Underwriting
  •   Chief Underwriter
  •   Underwriter
  •   Medical Director
  •   Claims
  •   UW R&D
  •   Actuary
  •   New Business