Lead Superintendent

Mid Atlantic, Washington, DC

The Lead Superintendent plays an important role in the completion and profitability of each project and plays a key role in client communication and client satisfaction. The Lead Superintendent is the representative of the company who ultimately knows the most about a given project. It is his/her chief responsibility to manage the day-to-day construction activities at the job site to get the project completed with the utmost quality and in a timely manner.

Projects are within the DC Beltway, ranging from $200k-$850k. High end custom home remodels that can include in home bowling alleys, wine cellars, and arcades.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead carpentry work as needed with “tools on”
  • Manage and oversee other subcontractors on the project for the other trades
  • Communicate and “manage” the client on a daily basis. Relay any important information from the client to the Production Manager
  • Schedule and oversee building department inspections
  • Keep informed as to the project as a whole including plans, change orders and specs
  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively with Production Manager, subcontractors, clients, and architects as necessary

Account Executive


Josh Schmitt


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